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4MEAT Butchery Block Test Software
The idea to develop a Block Test software program was started many years ago. We developed a "Meat cutting schedule" to replace the old Meat Book for Mikes Kitchen (A Chain of restaurants in South Africa) in the late 1980's & 1990's. The customer would use this "Meat cutting schedule" to ensure that his person responsible for cutting up the Bulk Meat is cutting it to an optimal PROFIT level! For example - If my restaurant purchases 5kg Bulk Rump (Which is obviously Cheaper), I could Cut the following portions from it : 500g Rump Selling @ R 95.00 per portion 300g Rump Selling @ R 55.00 per portion 200g Ladies Rump Selling @ R 45.00 per portion 100g Kiddies Rump Selling @ R 25.00 per portion Burger Patties Selling @ R 25.00 per burger Etc Now it obviously makes sense that you would maximize your profits if you can cut as many 500g portions out of your 5kg Bulk Rump as possible. So, If my "Block Person" can only cut 3 x 500g portions out of 5kg, either the meat is full of sinew - (bad quality) or he/she is not as efficient as they should be! The same applies to T-Bone, Chicken, Pork, Hind-quarter, Front Quarter etc etc...... And, of course, the same concept applies to putting it all back together again. Example ; The lamb chops in my butchery is not moving or becoming a little stale... Why not use 4MEAT to cost the lamb chops with the basting & spices back into a new product called "Butchers own private stock"? Have fun & be creative! Remember it is still called "Profit on Sale"
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