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4PAY Payroll in a Box
Consisting of :
A complete Payroll system that can run independently Or - Can be used with 4POS or 4CLOCK! The 4PAY system has been designed with simplicity in mind and allows you to : Create all your employees with their static info;    Name, address, telephone number, ID, passport details, leave allowed, leave taken (A proper leave register!),    Loan register detailing loans taken, monies deducted & balance due! Payroll Additions w.r.t. bonusses, allowances eg, car, equipment & clothing can be entered & specified as taxable or not. Similarly, payroll deductions can be dealt with! Also, if you are using 4POS as your POS system, you can link these employee purchases to deduct stock purchased during the month or week. 4PAY interfaces with our own 4CLOCK - a time-recording system that will track (With fingerprint / Biometric reader or Swipe card or simple codes) all staff logging in & out. On log-out the 4CLOCK can be configured to prompt for reasons logging out eg. Smoke break, Lunch, delivery etc. 4PAY will deduct all required details when configured, Eg. Tax, UIF, Medical Aid etc by amount or percentage of gross salary. HR Functions : Makes notes of all incidents eg. Warning, disciplinary hearings etc. Print Employment contracts, Final settlements & Leave Forms. Reports available : Wage slips with coinage analysis Coinage reports to make your cash collection easier. Banking report to see which staff is being paid with bank transfers! Additions report by department. Deductions report by department. Medical aid etc contributions reports. (Both employees & employer) Automatic tax tables imported yearly. Currently only South African Tables available - others to follow soon!)
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