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4AIR is the new airtime software that enables you to sell airtime directly from your 4POS POS Software system!
Tired of using out-dated & impossible to control airtime vouchers? We have changed the mold…… Simply register to sell airtime from your 4POS system, deposit some monies & start selling in minutes!. No approvals, no wait! You need Internet at all times! No Internet connection, no airtime sales! If you do not have a permanent internet connection, simply purchace a “Dongle” from your favourite company - MTN, Vodacom, Cell-C.  Insert a sim-card with data, Plug in & start trading! 1. Ensure you are running the latest 4POS software version - 17.12 or later 2. Register for Airtime under Utilities 3. Deposit monies into the following account with ONLY your registered cell number - nothing else! No names, notes - just your cell number! FREEPAID is the instant clearing account for all our Airtime Resellers. Payments should only be made to : FREEPAID (Pty) Ltd. FNB, Tygerberg. Branch code 201410. Account number 62057217400. Put ONLY your CELL NUMBER as the Reference number when making payment. Payments made by EFT from FNB will be credited to your account automatically and immediately if your correct cell number is entered as the reference number. There is no need to fax proof of payment. Payments from a different bank take longer. Cash deposits do have an additional fee. We have negotiated the best possible cash deposit fee! You will be notified via an sms of your new updated balance. 4. Now, you are ready to sell! From your 4POS Point of sale, either scan the Airtime item eg. V0002 (Vodacom R2.00) or search for it on your 4POS system. 5. You may sell other products or even more airtime. Finalise the sale when ready. 6. 4POS will print your normal receipt when prompted as well as the Airtime voucher once complete. -- DONE -- FAQ : Question 1 : What happens if the customer does not finalise the sale or walks out? Answer : Once selected, 4POS will “purchase” the pin voucher from our Airtime partner Freepaid & allow you to complete the transaction. Once the airtime pin has been requested, it is regarded as “Purchased”. If for whatever reason, the transaction or item is cancelled, 4POS will store this pin in your database to be available for the next customer that requests the same voucher. In other words, 4POS will only “purchase” stock once your own stock is depleted. Question 2 : Can I use Airtime to “Upsell” an item. Answer : Yes! You know what your discount of Airtime is, so you will quite easily be able to add the value of the airtime to an item. Eg. Buy a double Cheese burger & get a R5 airtime voucher included! Question 3 : The profits are low on airtime, so what benefit is in it for me? Answer : Airtime is the highest volume selling product ANYWHERE! Now your customers do not have to stand in a different line to buy airtime. 4POS can even be used as a seperate airtime sales point if you wish. This can be done with a touch-screen or even with a scanner!   Question 4 : How can I determine the sales & profit of my Airtime? Answer : Simply pull a product Performance report & apply a filter for the Airtime Product Group. Question 5 : How would I know what my balance on airtime is? Answer : Your Airtime balance (Funds available) be printed on your Dayend report. Please ensure you have a balance for at least 7 days of expected sales. We use your deposits to replenish the stock based on your deposits! It has now become simple to sell airtime with No worry, no stock losses thus - better control!  
The NEW 4AIR Bank account :
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