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Still considering a Cash Register rather than a 4POS system?
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So, you are starting a business & still wondering what to buy to try & control your cash & stock? - Or, you profit is decreasing OR your business is growing? Simply put, a cash register is simply a glorified calculator. It can add, maybe add to a department, maybe scan, maybe do very basic stock control. Your first thought is obviously based on costs. Yes - a POS system is (slightly) more expensive! No doubt. But, a bicycle is also cheaper than a car & walking is cheaper than a bike. So the question is not whether you want to get from point A to point B, the question is practicality, functionality & features! In business we learn to emulate successful business strategies & try to immitate them. The same applies to business & business processes. So simple question - do you see any of the top supermarkets still using a cash register? Or any top liquor stores or clothing or restaurants? Simply no, they don’t. Why? They have all come to the conclusion that they need more from their system that ANY cash register system can offer. Whether it is multiple price structures, stock control, ease of use, speed, password control, integration to their ordering & reporting systems etc etc. Let’s get back to price. A basic Cash Register will cost you from R1,000 - about R6,500 or more. Whatever you spend now, it will be money wasted. It simply wont be able to provide to your needs for years to come. You might say - not true - I know someone that has been using his cash register for many years! Ok - let’s look at the facts then. That same business would have an owner who is behind the till all day. Or, a family member. Would you leave your money wallet on the shelf in your store? Stock is money - simply in another form. So, you want to run a business without controlling the money in the form of stock on your shelf? I don’t think so! Let’s assume you offer me a job as your cashier. First thing I will do is phone the manufacturer & say : “Hello, I am the new owner of a store using your cash register. Can I come for training?” Yes, of course you can! We will teach you how to void, refund, do stock adjustments & of course you can buy a new set of keys as well! These will be master keys allowing the cashier to become the boss! All for less than you think! As I say daily to customers, can I come & work in your store? You don’t have to pay me, I will steal enough! Sounds lighthearted & funny, but losing your business due to bad controls & management is no laughing matter! By using your own pc or even buying a 2nd hand pc, your outlay will be less than R4,000! Suddenly not such a serious decision & comparison!
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