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FAQ’s - Most Frequently Asked Questions
What is the yearly licence fee? There are no licence fees! Our model is based on a once off payment. We have been around for many years so rest assured your investment is safe! Even our upgrades are free! We will keep up to date with the latest development tools & operating systems! We proved this by upgrading from Win XP ® 32-bit to the latest Win 10 ® 64-bit systems. We invest millions per year on R & D. Can I run 4POS on a single PC? Yes, you can run 4POS on a stand alone PC or Laptop. The 4POS Suite consists of a Backoffice module to maintain your purchases, reports & administration. The Domain controller updates the transactions as they are completed & then the 4POSScan allows for sales in a typical scanning / retail environment. The 4POSTouch is typically used in Restaurant / Fast Food / Bar / Pub / Ice cream Parlour or any other type of business where you can’t - or dont want to - scan the item & simply will click on the item button to ring up the sale. Can I load pictures on the 4POSTouch buttons? No, it will simplly take too long to load the pictures onto the screen & the button size is too small to differentiate between a standard burger or a cheese burger or a cheese & egg burger. Your customer wants speed in the ringing up of the item & that is our focus! Will my stock figures be updated immediately? It will take a couple of seconds after a sales is completed for the 4POSDomain controller to update all transactions, including Stock figures & even Customer balances if applicable. What about adding a Backoffice or 2nd PC? You can add as many PC’s / Terminals to 4POS as you wish. Our biggest site that we know of has 26 terminals in 1 location. PC’s can be added at no cost unless you want to do sales on them. By adding an extra licence, the domain controller will send the prices to that terminal & also pull the sales from that PC. Many customers will have a single POS PC & then add a backoffice to enable them to do backoffice functions on that PC without interfering with the sales PC. And if my office is somewhere else? There are 3 ways to control your business remotely : 1. Use a remote program like Teamviewer to simply log in to the POS & print reports / do admin when required. This is a free option. You have to      understand though that while you are logged in, you are “taking over” control of that PC & thus it will be better to do after hours. 2. Use Teamviewer to set up a VPN - Virtual Private Network. This will only work if you have ADSL on both sides as the speed will be too slow to     connect with ANY other device! A 3G card connection will take 15minutes or more to even open the 4POSBackOffice! Not workable! 3. The best way is to use 4POSEnterPrise. This will allow you to view your reports online from any browser. You will also be able to change your     prices on your local pc & update to the cloud. The branch will then able to download the price changes. Day-end runs will also update all figures     to the cloud. ADSL or better (LTE / Fibre) is suggested but if your 3G connection is fast, it will work fine. Can I try before I buy? Yes, our free downline will allow you to trade for 20 days before you need to purchase a licence. Once you have purchased the licence, your stock details & all other info will stay intact. You will simply carry on trading! Will my existing hardware work with 4POS? Yes, 4POS is NOT hardware dependent & all makes of printers & scanners will work. Again, if they work on Windows ®, they will work on 4POS. Your Cash Register scanner is the exception as it has special cables made for a cash register & therefore is not PC compatible. Rather replace it. What are the Hardware Specs required to run 4POS? The simple answer is always - if you have a Windows ® PC, 4POS will run! That implies that 4POS cannot run on a tablet, Apple PC ®, Android or anything else. Hard drive size is not important as the database is quite small - max of 2gb so any hard drive with 20gb+ free will be sufficient for years. How easy is it to change from my existing POS software? We have thousands of customers that has changed over to 4POS due to our pricing & costs structures. There are many ways to export your data out of your existing system to Excel ®. Worst case scenario, you will print your price lists in the other system to a PDF file & then use something like PDF2XL ® to convert the PDF file to Excel ®. Once in excel, you can manipulate the data & simply upload to 4POS. If you need assistance - we can help! Who do I call if I have a problem? Our model is VERY DIFFERENT. You may not agree, but it works for us & our thousands of customers…. We have the following tools available : 1. A knowledgebase with ALL the answers you may require. It is a fact that there are now questions that have not been asked & answered! 2. Training videos & hundreds of How-to-Videos 3. A comprehensive manual 4. Free email support 5. Free chat on our website - if we are not online, we will respond by mail. 6. Free 30 day support to assist with installation & configuration of your 4POS system on your first PC 7. Telephone support contracts or even for a single month. 8. Teamviewer support contract or even for a single occurence. 9. Qualified Dealers locally & internationally that can assist - simply negotiate a price. All our customers will agree - 4POS is the cheapest software w.r.t. support as it simply does not fall over. If it does due to power problems or other issues, the steps on how to fix it is at hand & free! Do you offer Onsite Installations? As explained above, we can assist over the Internet with Teamviewer to assist with your installation. Free of charge within the first 30 days & only on 1 pc. If you need to have a physical person on site, please negotiate with our dealers. What about training? Again, you can learn everything you need from our videos! If you do have specifics that you feel are not covered, you can negotiate a training session with our dealers. Is 4POS a financial package? Yes, 4POS handles the following for you in your business : 1. All purchases from Suppliers 2. Suppliers balances & age analysis. (Who & what do you owe) 3. Ability to enter payments to suppliers. 4. All sales invoices of your stock items. Full GP%’s per product & in total. Over 100 reports & lists to assist you! 5. Sales to Debtors (Accounts) with multiple pricing structures. Outstanding balances & Age-analysis. Even Open Item Debtors! 6. FULL stock control including Bill-of Materials to deduct the individual items that make up a sales product. 7. Re-order levels. 8. Export / Interface options for Pastel ®, Quickbooks ®, SAP, AccPac & many more! What does it NOT do for my business? 1. Bank recons. 2. Financial statements. What if I am NOT VAT registered or living in a different country that has a different VAT %? 4POS allows you to change the Standard VAT % to zero or any other %. Eg. 14% IVA for Mozambique. You could even have multiple VAT %. Can I run multiple printers from 1 PC? Yes, you can set up any number of printers for your business. Eg. Kitchen Printers, Picking slip printers & more! No limits! Your 4POS Hardware : Will it work on other software? Yes, we have assisted many customer to make it work on other systems. Drivers are available for Windows ® , Linux ® & OPOS ® Can the receipt printer also be used as a barcode printer? No, the gap on the printer is too small to allow for a thermal label & you will find it will not work. It also does not have a sensor to detect the label size.  
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