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Support Options
We believe we have the best tools available to make your 4POS product work for years to come without the need to call in the experts!   In the first 30 day of purchase, we will gladly assist by logging in free to your main PC using Teamviewer to assist with the installation & Configuration. Networking & network config NOT included. This means simply, we will help with the installation on your main pc & ensure that 4POS works in terms of the 4POSBackOffice, 4POSController & 4POSScan, 4POSTouch. For our clever customers, no coffee, tea, site visits, garden services, refuse removal or ANY other services offered or implied!   1. A comprehensive manual. (Also available on your DVD) 2. More than 100 training & How-To Videos (Also on your DVD) 3. A comprehensive knowledgebase. 4. Free advice & directions to your problem by email. 5. Free advice on Skype. 6. Live chat advice Monday’s to Fridays 09h00-16h00.    
Need us to log in with teamviewer? R800 per session - Network setup is R800 per PC & we need teamviewer on all PC’s.
Interested but don’t want to buy online? No probs - simply pay into our Bank account :
Account Name : 4POS Bank : Absa Bank Branch : 630-188 Account Number : 406-635-4776 Reference : Your Cell number please. Please email us Proof of payment to with a brief decription what the payment is in aid of & your contact details.
On Google Chrome - Right click & open in new Tab if the tabs dont respond...
Please note this is only for SA & Namibia customers. Overseas customers please use your credit card!
For Sales call us now on +27 (010) 500-4176
4POS YEARLY Remote Support (Telephone & Teamviewer)
Once again, the intention with these contracts are SUPPORT in terms of  systems error or failure, NOTHING more!
4POS MONTHLY Remote Support (Telephone & Teamviewer)