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4POS Time in Attendance (4CLOCK)
Banking Details : Absa Bank,Cannonbury Consultants, Absa Bank,Branch : 630-188,Account : 406-635-4776 Please email Proof of payment to
Benefits :
1. Allows all staff to Clock in & Clock out when their shift starts. 2. Allows staff to log out for any break period eg. Lunch, teatime, smoke break etc. 3. Ability to clock in or out with a simple password, swipe card or Biometric reader (Fingerprint).
1. Ensure hours worked are correct & fair. 2. Pay only for the hours worked & more importantly days worked!
Advantages :
Facts :
1. All staff are not as mindful as they should be about productivity. 2. A couple of minutes here or there “wont make a difference”. 3. “I dont get paid enough to give 100%” is often stated. (Are you being paid 100% of what was agreed?) 4. Control your labour costs & therefore your profits!
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Fast scanning Interface Unlimited Items Receipt & A4 printed invoices / receipts Weight or price embedded barcodes Learning mode (create items on the go) Item pic optional (Ideal for materials) Serial tracking Airtime sales Quotes Consignment sales Order / Serial number prompts Print orders to unlimited Remote printers (Kitchen for take-away) Save / Retrieve Sales Central cashier option Float control Blind cashup or Cash declaration Price enquiry Stock Enquiry Credit Card Interface Unlimited Users with Strict permission control (No voids / refunds / Cashout) Full stock Control Bill of Material (Recipe) Costing & control Shrink building (Single / Double / Bottle or 1x6x12) All backoffice reporting including Dashboard, Product performance, Hourly Sales, Avg per table,Waiter reports & many more
Full Scanning including weighted (Meat or Fruit & Veg Products) * Tight Security (Lock up the options/ Reports you wish to keep private) * Offline Mode (Now you can trade even if the server (Main Computer) is down! * Cashups with full cash Declaration (Cashiers declare BEFORE seeing what the sales were) * Self-learning Mode (Now you can start using your system within minutes due to our pre-configured databasis! * Suppress Transactions (Cashup at 18H00 but only close the shop at 20h00 - No need to stay longer!) * Multiple shift handling with sales per shift * Multiple Tender Types (Cash/Card/Cheque/Account Voucher) * Multiple Price Structures (28 prices per product & per customer) * Prompts for Serial Numbers / Order Number / Credit Card Number * Full Serial Tracking * Sell airtime (MTN/VODACOM etc) directly & fast from 4POS * Credit Card Interface - connect your credit card terminal directly to your 4POS system to alleviate all the nightmares of balancing credit card fraud! * Create Layby's on the POS! I ncludes terms & conditions.* Support all Hardware (Runs on any Windows - 32 or 64 Bit) * A4 Invoices & Slip (Till) Printers * Sell directly to your Debtors/Accounts with their OWN Pricing Structure * Do payments to suppliers directly from the Point of Sale! Even enter payout reasons. Eg. Petrol/Wages etc. * Sell directly to your Debtors/Accounts with their OWN Pricing Structure * Split Tender / Payment (Want to receive Cash & Credit Card on the same sale?) * Receive Payment from your Debtors at the POS & even Allows for a settlement Discount* Quotes that becomes an Invoice! * Multi-Currency - Accept ANY currency or Multi Currency - $ or Euro & Pound * Full Consignment Sales - Now you can book your stock out on consignment & charge only for the items that has been used! * Saved Sale Ability (Left your Money in the car - simply carry on with the next customer)* Full Buffer print with Invoice selection (Save $ on receipts!)
Tight security with access limitations * Detailed description of products * Pricing Groups to divide your Items into selling Departments * Stock Groups - Print your Stock Sheets by shelf or store * All items link to the Suppliers - Order by Supplier! * Shrinks Eg. Lux Soap that sells in Singles, 3's and 10's or Cigarettes in Boxes & Cartons * Pricing Rules to enable all prices of like items to be changed automatically, Eg. All flavours of Energade * Specials and / or Promotions to be activated/deactivated by date. * Stock quantities to show on screen for all shrinks & stock value reports * Complete sales history * Bill-of-Materials / Recipes * Multiple price structures including Markup from cost per department, Markdown from selling Override prices as well as multiple sales channels. * Barcode printing with prices & shelftalkers for all products (Now also full automatic) * Re-ordering wizard recalculates minimum stock levels * Order Calculation based on stock levels & by supplier * Full stock control or Orders placed with portable scanner interface * Multi warehouse & Multi Company ability - now you can view your stock in each warehouse or location! * Layby functionality with terms & conditions * Interface with scales (Barcode labels or even table-top models) * Head-Office / Branch Interface * Multi Language Debtors / Customer Features * All relevant details wrt On Account Customers and / or wholesale including Tax Numbers * Credit Terms to cater for Credit Limit & the differentiation of COD & X-Days Customers * Default pricing and/or discount structures, per customer. * Settlement discounts * Automated Statements & detailed transaction reports Creditors / Supplier Features * All relevant details wrt On Account Supplier including Tax Numbers * Credit Terms to cater for Credit Limit & Settlement Discounts * Default pricing and/or discount structures, per supplier * Settlement Discounts * Automated Remittance Advice & detailed transaction reports. Stock Control Features* Take a "Snapshot" of the stock levels at any given time. Stock take reports can then be printed & stock take be done in due course. * Adjustments/ Variance Reports * Interface with Portable scanner for Orders/GRV/Stock Take * Ordering Wizard recalculates minimum stock levels * Full Control on Empties - The only system that splits content from Container! * Multi warehouses * Multi Company * Multi Language * Reports * DashBoard report to reflect Stock vs Monies, Profit Margins, Stock Movement Values & Sales Channel Activities * Product Performance by Group/Best & Worst Sellers by Qty/Margin * Full Audit Trail of all sales transactions * VAT / Average Basket Value / Hourly / Voids & Refunds / Stock Movement & 50 Other Reports * 4POS Enterprise Head Office Interface * Pastel & Quickbooks Interface.
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Banking Details : Cannonbury Consultants t/a 4POS Absa Bank * Branch : 630-188 * Account : 406-635-4776 Please email Proof of payment to