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4POS Enterprise allows you to reach for the CLOUD...
Enabling you to run multiple branches using 4POS to manage your branches - easily!   Want to know what is selling & what not without leaving your office?   Still better control!
4POS Enterprise Process
The process in Words : Uploads from your 4POS Branches : - Dayend Totals - Itemised Sales - Itemised Stock Holding - Inter Branch Transfers Downloads from the Cloud to your 4POS Branches : - Price Updates - Inter Branch Transfers Cloud Functionality & Reporting : - Overview of all branch Turnovers - Detail turnover per branch - Monthly/ Period Turmover per day & branch - Consolidated Itemised sales - Branch Itemised Sales - Consolidated Stock Holding - Branch Itemised Stock Holding - Critical Stock Holding - Automatic Email Options - selected Reports
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1 - 6 Branches R99 / branch per month 7 or more Branches R79 / branch per month
Pricing per Branch
4POS Enterprise Yearly Subscription - with automatic renewal